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What would happen when fundamental drivers for price action in financial markets (e.g. economy, company results, supply and demand) are replaced by a concept well known in Physics? MarketResearchClues (*) applies complex polynomials and their repeating characteristics as fundamental driver for financial markets and offers a variety of market research products.

As a visitor and potential customer your mindset has to allow for a different concept as the basis of our market research, resulting into accurate, transparent and auditable market research. It turns out this physical concept provides a far better explanation for price action in financial markets. Our market research is available for Indices, Commodities, Currencies and Bonds with the following characteristics:

  1. subjective market interpretation being reduced to less than 10%,
  2. significantly increased transparency and
  3. the resulting Market Research can be fully audited on an ongoing basis.


Market Research based on repeating physical phenomena

MarketResearchClues applied a Physical concept to analyse and research financial markets. By using complex quadratic polynomials (see method) we are able to define accurate price targets based upon key characteristics of Julia sets (also refered to as fractals). We tested and documented our approach over 22,000 times and found just ONE failure which we cannot explain. Obviously we had a few initial flaws (< 100) but they could all be attributed to initial subjectivity on our side.


MarketResearchClues - your roadmap to financial Market Research


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(*) MarketResearchClues is owned by Laomedeia Ltd.

For inquiries, please send your e-mail to: info@laomedeia.com