Niche Financial Market Research

What would happen when generally accepted drivers for price action in financial markets (e.g. macro economy, company results, supply and demand) are replaced by a concept well known in Physics? It turns out that analysis based on physical phenomena provides a reliable explanation for price behavior in financial markets. Laomedeia applies complex polynomials to analyse financial markets and offers a variety of market research products (Indices, Stock, Commodities, Currencies and Bonds). Our market research has the following characteristics:

  1. Reduced subjective market interpretation (to less than 10%),
  2. Increased transparency through an on-going audit trail.

As a reader of our research, your mindset has to allow for a different concept for analyzing price action in financial markets. Laomedeia applies Chaos Theory to analyse financial markets. By using complex quadratic polynomials, we developed a method to define accurate price targets based upon key characteristics of Julia sets.

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